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Payment Plan Option

Payment Plan Option

Here as Just 4 Paws, we appreciate the cost of completing a course and setting up, can appear out of reach and to much of a financial burden!. We are able to offer a payment plan so you can pay for your course in blocks of 5 days, making the initial outlay more manageable. 
Payment plan example for a 30 Day OCN Level 3 Diploma Course

Deposit £1000

Day 1 £633.34

Day 6 £633.34

Day 11 £633.34

Day 16 £633.34

Day 21 £633.34

Day 26 £633.30

Total £4800 

No interest is charged and no approval needed. Courses must be completed within a 6 month time frame and your 5 day blocks must be prebooked at the time of booking. Please call 07979815140 or email info@just4paws.org.uk to make an enquiry.





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