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The importance of good training!

When searching for a course it is important to insure you are going to receive what you believe you are paying for. Here at Just 4 Paws, we give honest advice about which courses you need to achieve your chosen goals and offer both OCN and City & Guilds Qualifications. When someone calls to book a 6-10 day course and wants to be a professional groomer, styling all breeds, they will be advised this is not possible and the course is not suitable. We could easily just book people to do these courses but they would be disappointed about what the achieved and that’s not how we choose to operate. There are a number of training schools using clever wording, such as trained to city and guilds standards, or even acredited by city and guilds! These things are not true and a play on words to make people believe they are going to complete an approved course. These schools have no complaints and appeals procedures and when students realise they are not getting what they thought they were, they have no where to go!!. These centres promote how they are qualified and yet do not offer the qualifications themselves, instead they repeatedly say they are going to be approved to do them but never actually do. Being an approved centre means you are audited to insure safety and high teaching standards are met, all staff have to have the required qualifications and you have to follow awarding bodies guidelines. All these things cost money and take a lot of extra time!. So when you see a cheaper course, ask yourself , why is it cheaper? As the old saying goes , buy cheap and buy twice!! Don’t make an expensive mistake, dog training is the difference between success and failure. If you would like advice about the right course for you, please do not hesitate to call 07979815140



Oster invitational tournament

Last weekend in hot competition from Europe’s top groomers , I placed 3rd overall in the Oster Invitational Tournament .



More competition wins!!

We had a lovely weekend at the Great North Groom last weekend where I won the champion spaniel and setter class!.


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