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The importance of researching your Grooming school!!

Many people when looking for a dog grooming school, look for the closest or the cheapest, but not all grooming schools are equal!. It is currently far to easy to set up as a grooming school, simply having the same level as you want to teach or in some cases not even that, is enabling people to teach others who know no better. Offering qualifications is no longer a guaranteee of quality training. You need to look at how much actual experience all the tutors have, not just the owner. Ensuring the tutors are actively involved with up to date techniques and equipment and are able to teach the skills to others is super important. Whilst a fancy salon is lovely and can be appealing, if you are not being taught all grooming skills needed to run a business or work as a stylist, then you will end up paying for further top up training . The training should be a stand alone section in any salon, students should not just be processing numbers of dogs through. Grooming schools 5 years ago were far more limited in there numbers, potential students , in most cases had to travel to to find a grooming school and all school owners had to have a higher diploma in dog grooming, now they only need the level 3, which can be achieved in only a few months, would you really want to be taught but someone with only a few months or years experience. 
take charge of your own future in the industry but choosing an experienced school to train in.

Payment Plan Option

Here as Just 4 Paws, we appreciate the cost of completing a course and setting up, can appear out of reach and to much of a financial burden!. We are able to offer a payment plan so you can pay for your course in blocks of 5 days, making the initial outlay more manageable. 
Payment plan example for a 30 Day OCN Level 3 Diploma Course

Deposit £1000

Day 1 £633.34

Day 6 £633.34

Day 11 £633.34

Day 16 £633.34

Day 21 £633.34

Day 26 £633.30

Total £4800 

No interest is charged and no approval needed. Courses must be completed within a 6 month time frame and your 5 day blocks must be prebooked at the time of booking. Please call 07979815140 or email info@just4paws.org.uk to make an enquiry.





Part Time Courses Available to start 2019

Are you wanting a new career but need to continue to earn a regular income?. Our part time Dog Grooming courses offer the perfect solution. You can choose anything from 1-4 days per week on a schedule to suit your needs. Training ours are 10.30am-4pm ,so rush hour commutes can be avoided and schools runs are not overly interfered with. Our relaxed and friendly training environment will insure you have an enjoyable learning experience and the best start possible into your new career. Start dates available for November and December. Drop us an email to info@just4paws.org.uk or call 07979815140.


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